Data Wipe Instructions for a BlackBerry Curve 3G 9330

Erase all content:

1) Select Options
2) Select Security
3) Enter password then press E/space bar to Enable
4) Press Scrolling Wheel
5) Select Change Password
6) At the prompt, enter ‘password1’ as password, Press Enter & re-enter the same password if required.
7) Press Enter to continue
8) Press END, END
9) Turn Power Off
10) Turn Power ON
11) Press Enter
12) Select Unlock
13) When prompted for password enter incorrect password (Ex. ‘valid’).
14) Incorrect password! Will be displayed, Press Enter
15) Repeat steps 11-14 (10 times) or ( 3 times for some phones)
(Please note the counter keeps track of each time the password is entered incorrectly, Ex. 5/10, 6/10)
16) When prompted, enter ‘blackberry’, Press Enter
17) Ignore warning after 2nd last repeat, (Ex. 9/10 or 2/3 for some phones), Press Enter
18) After last repeat (10/10 or 3/3), all content will be erased and device will be cleared and reset to new.

If you believe these instructions are incorrect in any way, please tell us about it.

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