Data Wipe Instructions for a Motorola Q

Master Clear 

1) Press Start
2) Scroll Track Wheel to System Tools, Press in Track Wheel
3) Scroll Track Wheel to Master Reset, Press in Track Wheel
4) An Alert will pop up asking “Are you sure you want to perform a Master Reset? This operation shall
erase user data and restore settings. Press Yes
Wait for Master Reset to complete the full cycle

Clear Phone Number 

1) Enter Programming
2) Scroll 􏰁 to Extended NAM, Press in Track Wheel (Twice)
3) Press the Back arrow till number is deleted, Enter 734-000-1234
4) Scroll down to MDN, repeat step 3, Press OK, OK
Phone will reset!! (If phone does not reset power the phone off and then on manually)
5) Once phone powers back on, Renter Programming
6) Scroll down to Extended NAM, Press in Track Wheel
7) Scroll down to NAM2, Press in Track Wheel
8) Repeat steps 3 and 4
Phone will Reset

If you believe these instructions are incorrect in any way, please tell us about it.

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