Data Wipe Instructions for a Palm Treo Pro 850W

Erase all content:

1. If possible, synchronize your smartphone with your computer so that your smartphone applications and info can be restored by synchronizing again after you perform the hard reset.
2. Remove the back panel from your smartphone.
3. Slide the stylus out from its slot.
4. If the screen is off, press Power to wake up the screen.
5. While pressing and holding End, use the tip of the stylus to gently press and release the reset button.
6. Continue pressing and holding End until the "Erase all data?" prompt appears.
7. Press Up to confirm the hard reset.
8. Wait for the progress bar on the Treo logo screen to fill before continuing to use your smartphone.
9. Slide the back panel into place.

If you believe these instructions are incorrect in any way, please tell us about it.

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